And older canvas from 2002 or so, planning to paint on canvas and wood again, crazy hot wind is blowing this afternoon while I squint in the sunshine, smelling the smoke from the burning forests, they're burning again...
Found a garden that is so beautiful with kale and collard greens among the flowers..

Favorite Grey




Today I finally sat down to make a new list of the paintings that collectors bought since 2001 (have to work on the list 1995-2001)
The number is..... 138!!! (all originals)
And I haven't finished counting. Reading the titles and the names of people who bought them made me travel in time...
I am thankful.
Time to paint again and do headstands
maybe make spinach pie
and the bird fence
and embroidery
snow boots
tomorrow is Sunday!!!


Jade Moon

Hmmm.. Just one of those heavy-headed flowers, a bird with an attitude but very beautiful, high-pitch chirping voice,residue from the red sludge,
red of the desert and the perfect greens with it

Old wall

Old walls must go
I am ready to be new
surrounded by nothing but clean air and the stars
and the same inside

Missing the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, tiny footprints on the sandy beaches, push-ups on the boat to warm up
breakfast group-togetherness
feeling small yet the part of the whole
so alive