Tea Party

Small House

I matted this piece together with another, and the joined title is: "Small house, spacious garden"

OPEN ARTS 2010 /This weekend in Boulder!

I look forward to see you dear visitors at my studio this weekend,
Saturday and Sunday, noon to 6pm.
address: 2857 18th Street, Boulder, CO
Studio #49
Look for the yellow sign!
More than 81 paintings, boxes of cards, and my new book "Alma Falls Awake With Her Friend" will be present.

From last winter's calligraphy practicing times.. With golden marker marks from Alma...Writing right to left is very satisfying.

I'll open it tomorrow

One of my favorites.
I can hear the teaspoons chiming in the breeze.

Caterpillar castle

Artists on the beach


Alone in the pantry

The Gardener

My first bird mural

OPEN ARTS 2010 today and next weekend in Boulder, Colorado

Come by and visit me at Open Studios today 12-6pm or next weekend, it is open both Saturday and Sunday, the same time!!
2857 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

I have 81 paintings, framed and unframed, cards and the new book!
Lovely day to you all and hopefully see you at the studio!