And older canvas from 2002 or so, planning to paint on canvas and wood again, crazy hot wind is blowing this afternoon while I squint in the sunshine, smelling the smoke from the burning forests, they're burning again...
Found a garden that is so beautiful with kale and collard greens among the flowers..

Favorite Grey




Today I finally sat down to make a new list of the paintings that collectors bought since 2001 (have to work on the list 1995-2001)
The number is..... 138!!! (all originals)
And I haven't finished counting. Reading the titles and the names of people who bought them made me travel in time...
I am thankful.
Time to paint again and do headstands
maybe make spinach pie
and the bird fence
and embroidery
snow boots
tomorrow is Sunday!!!


Jade Moon

Hmmm.. Just one of those heavy-headed flowers, a bird with an attitude but very beautiful, high-pitch chirping voice,residue from the red sludge,
red of the desert and the perfect greens with it

Old wall

Old walls must go
I am ready to be new
surrounded by nothing but clean air and the stars
and the same inside

Missing the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, tiny footprints on the sandy beaches, push-ups on the boat to warm up
breakfast group-togetherness
feeling small yet the part of the whole
so alive


Walk over to my studio today!

I have been having the most wonderful visitors at Open Studios this weekend and the one before, today is the last day,looking forward to see all of you who are coming by!
Still have some paintings left, about 75 of them, cards, sketches.

Studio #49
2857 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

Bagolypár- Owl Couple


Gentle woodpecker

Today was all about beautiful little details I saw while driving back and forth to the compost pile... Two lonely gardening gloves laying on the road, moved by the breeze of cars driving by; a dead ground hog looking peaceful; very neat close cut lawn on one side of the fence, tall yellow messy weed on the other; fat dog pooping (his facial expression); man eating ice cream from a tub at the red light. This sketch is however about a very patient, tired gal, and its suitor, a gentle woodpecker, leaning into her neck.




I drew this winged creature a month before I turned 5 years old.



Globe trees that are moving softly, denting just a tiny bit under the weight of dense birds. Thinking of elf owls today, and their little caves in cactuses.


You can see wrought iron/painted sky blue fences and window bars like these in Northern Africa.


Little Girl On The Beach With Sea Turtle Eggs

Golden seashore and the mystery of who is growing inside of this belly which they made the body cast of, while painting it, I wondered about her, and heard the Ocean from afar. The eggs are already hatched and the little turtles swam away.

..and after



I remember publishing this particular one already...A morning piece.
Fills me with peace and desire for doing more calligraphy and have tea in light blue porcelain cups with the twinkling of tiny silver spoons. Instead, going to a job site to dig some holes.Perhaps spreading mulch.


Soft Clouds/Puha felhők

Slowly Falling Feather/Lassan hulló toll

Something new started today with a spirit freeing itself from an old and disabled body recently, reminding everyone who knew this person in its prime time how much he taught us by his way of living life passionately.... And I choose this painting to represent my joy over finding a radio station this afternoon called "Al Khaleejia", its music keeping me company while cutting mats for new works, measuring, holding the ruler steady, letting the mind wonder into someplace else.


The Monk

picture him moving his body around the property slowly with a noise similar to a tarpoline full of wet rocks dragging behind a tired gardener. Empty glass has been left there for who knows how long ago..


esti reggeli/ breakfast for dinner

Ezt még megosztom, mielőtt szaladok a kertészetbe válogatott bokrokért füvekért..Az együtt evés az egyik legjobb mindennapi ünnepi esemény az életben!


Tea Party

Small House

I matted this piece together with another, and the joined title is: "Small house, spacious garden"

OPEN ARTS 2010 /This weekend in Boulder!

I look forward to see you dear visitors at my studio this weekend,
Saturday and Sunday, noon to 6pm.
address: 2857 18th Street, Boulder, CO
Studio #49
Look for the yellow sign!
More than 81 paintings, boxes of cards, and my new book "Alma Falls Awake With Her Friend" will be present.

From last winter's calligraphy practicing times.. With golden marker marks from Alma...Writing right to left is very satisfying.

I'll open it tomorrow

One of my favorites.
I can hear the teaspoons chiming in the breeze.

Caterpillar castle

Artists on the beach


Alone in the pantry

The Gardener

My first bird mural

OPEN ARTS 2010 today and next weekend in Boulder, Colorado

Come by and visit me at Open Studios today 12-6pm or next weekend, it is open both Saturday and Sunday, the same time!!
2857 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80304

I have 81 paintings, framed and unframed, cards and the new book!
Lovely day to you all and hopefully see you at the studio!